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We Ship to IA, MN, ND, and WI. Pick-up is in Perham, MN. Please call or send a message for other locations.

Commercial Grower? Here's how to use our website.

  1. Thank you for using this online ordering system!  We’ve put together a list of steps necessary to get you the lowest possible price for you plants. 
  2. Please compile your order by selecting the different varieties and quantities required for your order.
  3. Next choose the View Cart and then Checkout option.  If you will be picking up instead of delivery, please select this option here.  
  4. We have an option to “Pay Via Invoice”.  Please select this option and checkout.
  5. We will double check that all the proper discounts are applied and put together a shipping rate.
  6. You should receive an email within 1 business day with the updated invoice.  This can be paid by mailing over a check or arranging another form of payment.  
  7. If you are paying via Credit Card, all totals over $200 will be assessed a 3% fee to cover the cost of CC processing.  
  8. All orders will be shipped in the spring when you notify us you are ready.  We will send a note when they are ready to be picked up as well.  
  9. Thank you so much for your business and please reach out with any questions or concerns!  

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