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Raspberry Planting Guidelines

Raspberries should be planted 1-2 feet apart within rows that are 6-8 feet apart. Make sure the rows are wide enough apart for a tractor and mower. Maintaining rows is critical to reduce insect and disease pressure. Red raspberries spread underground and will either form dense stands or sprout in neighboring crops. Sod tends to keep raspberries from invading other crops, and grass should be planted the first or second year of raspberry establishment.

With good growth, summer raspberries will produce a half crop the year after planting and a full crop two years after planting. To maximize growth, keep plants free of weeds for the first year. Raspberries often grow better with added compost. Leaf and cane diseases are a problem in the Upper Midwest. Growers who want to avoid fungicides can minimize diseases in summer raspberries by mowing plants every other year.

Raspberries – Spotted Wing Drosophila Control Practices

Spotted Wing Drosophila is best controlled by using the following practices:

Harvest frequently and remove all fruit

Store all picked fruit at temperatures near 34

Keep rows narrow

Use insect exclusion netting

Grow raspberries in high tunnels with insect exclusion netting.



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Raspberry - inputs
$3.0700 - $6.3000
A hybrid between black and red species. Large purple fruit....
$3.0700 - $6.3000
More vigorous than Polana with high yields and good flavor.
$3.0700 - $6.3000
Hardy and productive with strong canes, ripens in mid August...
Joan J
$3.0700 - $6.3000
Vigorous canes with no thorns make this variety a favorite...
Himbo Top
$3.0700 - $6.3000
Highly vigorous plants with large, bright red fruit, good for...
$3.0700 - $6.3000
A popular yellow variety with large, sweet fruit and good...
$1.9950 - $4.7000
Hardy, similar to Killarney, one of the best flavored summer...
$1.9950 - $4.7000
The standard fall raspberry for southern Minnesota. Good color and...
$1.9950 - $4.7000
Heritage everbearing red raspberry is a favorite for its flavor,...
$1.9950 - $4.7000
Hardy, vigorous, productive and disease resistant.
$1.9950 - $4.7000
Ripens while last strawberries are still being picked. Hardy but...

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