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AC Wendy (NS)

Plants ship between Late April - Early May

A productive, hardy variety that is the first to ripen. The conical dark
red fruit is low in acid and scores high in taste tests. Susceptible to leaf
spot and leaf scorch. Due to early blooming, flowers are susceptible to
frost and should not be planted without frost protection.

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 25 plants
  •  25 plants
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Wendy is wedge-shaped to conic, with firm, bright red colored flesh. It has an excellent, fresh flavor. Plants are vigorous and runner well. They are moderately resistant to powdery mildew and red stele, but susceptible to vertcillium wilt. Frost damage potential, as it is very early flowering. Trials showed Wendy to be highly productive, of good quality, and it held its fruit size throughout the season. We highly recommend this variety. Many of our customers report Wendy as being a consistent performer.



Approximate Strawberry Plants Required per Acre

Rows Distance Plants Distance Plants per Acre
3.5 ft. apart 18 in. 8,300
3.5 ft. apart 24 in. 6,225
4 ft. apart 18 in. 7,300
4 ft. apart 24 in. 5,500
5 ft. apart 18 in. 5,800
5 ft. apart 24 in. 4,400



25, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 10000


Nova Scotia, Massachusetts


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