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Yambu (MA)

Plants ship between Late April - Early May

Yambu Origin: Netherlands
A vigorous, tall variety with bright red fruit that ripens about the same
time as Annapolis. Yambu is a relatively new variety but several growers
have reported high yields with good quality fruit and excellent flavor.

725 in stock

Quantity Price
25 $1.0400
100 $1.0000
250 $0.4880
500 $0.3240
1,000 $0.2570
10,000+ $0.2520

Yambu is an early mid-season variety with a similar ripening season as Honeoye, one of its parents. Plants are very vigorous and dark green in color. We have not experienced foliage disease pressure to this point nor any special nutrient requirements. Fruit is a bright red color, attractive, with uniform shape and glossy skin. A long fruiting, very product variety, flavor is excellent with a sweet taste.


Approximate Strawberry Plants Required per Acre

Rows Distance Plants Distance Plants per Acre
3.5 ft. apart 18 in. 8,300
3.5 ft. apart 24 in. 6,225
4 ft. apart 18 in. 7,300
4 ft. apart 24 in. 5,500
5 ft. apart 18 in. 5,800
5 ft. apart 24 in. 4,400



25, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 10000


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