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Flavorfest (MA)

Plants ship between Late April - Early May

Flavorfest Origin: USDA, Beltsville, Maryland
Produces bright red, irregular shaped fruit with good
flavor. Plants are vigorous and hardy.

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Flavorfest is a mid-season variety, adapted to both plasticulture and matted row production. Fruits are an attractive bright red color with an excellent flavor profile. Berries are large and hold their size through the season. Plant is vigorous and shows excellent disease resistance to red stele and leaf diseases. In addition, no susceptibility to anthracnose crown or fruit rot has been found. With Flavorfest’s high vigor, applications of nitrogen will need to be managed to avoid excessive growth. Flavorfest will also be a good alternative for organic producers and in conditions where good plant vigor is required. Highly recommended for trial.


Approximate Strawberry Plants Required per Acre

Rows Distance Plants Distance Plants per Acre
3.5 ft. apart 18 in. 8,300
3.5 ft. apart 24 in. 6,225
4 ft. apart 18 in. 7,300
4 ft. apart 24 in. 5,500
5 ft. apart 18 in. 5,800
5 ft. apart 24 in. 4,400



25, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 10000


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